Cupertino Academy

Cupertino Academy is a private day school for Individuals with Autism located in Cottonwood, Arizona.

  • Cupertino Academy is a 501 (c) 3, private day school located in Cottonwood, AZ.,  providing services for K through 12th graders and post-secondary school-aged students (18-22 years) preparing for adult life’s transitions.  We have an experienced K-12 AZ certified special education teacher working with our students. We offer personal tuition assistance in finding scholarships and accessing the AZ empowerment scholarship to our families.
  • We partner with NMTSA Neurologic Music Therapy Services of Arizona and embrace the Competency Model in our academic setting. 
  • We provide an individualized instructional focus on academics;  life skills and employability skills. A strong focus is also placed on sensory input to help the student address their sensory needs, remain engaged with instruction and learn to self-regulate.
  • We offer opportunities for our students to interact with the community and engage in community service. 
  • Our campus also includes Leap of Faith Learning, a Christian ministry, that provides learning support to children with special needs and training for parents and churches..
  • Also on Campus are Resource Therapy Group, and individual Speech and Physical Therapist.
  • We have small class size.
  • Do not hesitate to contact us to set up a tour and discuss the unique challenges of your child.


Our Vision and Mission


It is our desire to help students on the autism spectrum become contributing members of society. Our staff will promote self-sufficiency, constructive communication, and meaningful community relationships. Students will benefit from small class size, individualized curriculum, and a peaceful rustic setting. We strongly believe in providing a safe, encouraging, and respectful environment.



Cupertino Academy strives to empower students with autism to live purposeful and fulfilling lives by encouraging intellectual curiosity and by developing healthy partnerships within the community.

State Standard aligned Curriculum

Vocational training/Continuing Education

Certificate of Completion or High School Diploma

Assistive technology

Independent Life Skills

Indoor/Outdoor Learning (Gardening/Nature Walks/Sports)

Community Based Instruction (Library, Parks, Food bank, Grocery store, Recycling Centers)

Music and Art

Specialized Health and PE